Foundational Health Lecture : Thur. July 26, 7:30pm

by adam on July 10, 2012

We feel so strongly that this information is vital to every one’s understanding of their health and wellness that it will be a mandatory part of a new patient’s treatment plan.  Current or past clients are invited to attend at no cost and permitted guests.

Foundational Holistic Health:  What you need to know beyond your treatment.

Thursday, July 26 at 7:30pm


Today there is so much information about health, and especially nutrition, making it hard to tell the essential information from the misinformation and fluff.  This foundational lecture will present the critical information needed to accelerate your healing process.


  • Why to eat,  When to eat, How to eat and How Much to eat. Why this information might be more important that WHAT food you choose.
  • The 3 basic ways of handling emotions and why only one really works.  How to re-program your mind for a spectacular life.
  • Why the proper fats are essential to your health.
  • How to use Superfoods.
  • The critical role of enzymes in your diet.
  • The role of the glycemic index in your diet.
  • The underlying principle of hologenics.

Seating is extremely limited therefore in order to save yours, you must RSVP via phone or email by Friday, July 20th.  You may RSVP for a guest as well.


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