Mud Therapy

Why Mud therapy? (Pelotherapy)

Mud therapy is employed to free interference fields in the body.  An interference field (IF) is an area on the body (small or large) that tests abnormally as a result of individual or multiple factors, such as scars, physical or emotional trauma, infection, nutritional deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, etc. An interference field can impede the normal, healthy electromagnetic flow of the body’s acupuncture meridian system, thus creating symptoms that are difficult to trace back to their original root cause by conventional methods. However, identifying an IF can now be easily done using the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (as developed by Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, MD, Sc.D.). We call this test the Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA).

There are two aspects to every person, the physical body and the energy body. The energy body animates the physical body. Any physical or emotional trauma can cause damage to the energy body. So while the physical may heal up completely after an injury, the flow of energy in this area is stopped, stagnant or shut down. If the flow of energy is shut down to this one injured area then it can block the flow of energy to any other area of the body.

A key overlooked factor in literally every disease is hidden, deep-seated toxicity in the ground substance of the body (i.e. the external meridians and connective tissue) which prevents normal nerve and “chi” flow.  Trauma sites attract heavy metals and toxins which accumulate in the connective tissue and continually interfere with nerve, lymphatic and energetic meridian flow, resulting in pain and other seemingly unrelated symptoms.  These embedded toxins can mean years of delayed healing – or none at all.

Interference fields can be found almost anywhere in the body and are often far from the part of the body experiencing symptoms. For example, an old appendix scar might cause migraine headaches or a wisdom tooth extraction scar might cause chronic low back pain.

The most effective way yet developed to eliminate these interference fields is with the Medi-Body Clay Pack system.  These powerful clay packs are exceptional at pulling toxins out of the body and infusing the tissues with minerals to restore conductivity to the tissues. This in effect restores the energy body and the flow of energy. Once the flow is opened back up, then the area to which it was reflexing can now begin to receive its influx of life giving energy. Now your chronic problem can finally heal.

Medi-Body Pack, with its high cation exchange and osmotic pulling effect draws out heavy metals and toxins while eliminating pain and dramatically lessening the load on the immune system.  The Medi-Body Pack can systematically be applied to the download sites, organs of elimination and the injured areas themselves and go about turning all these points back on. This opens up the river of energy to flow and feed all organs and body systems. Long-standing chronic problems finally begin to heal as a result of clearing your interference fields.

It is interesting to note that once these interference fields are cleared, the body will most likely require less oral supplementation as proper circulation has been restored and proper nutrients are now reaching the intended areas.

What is Pelotherapy (Mud Therapy)?

Pelotherapy is the use of natural clay from the earth for therapeutic purposes. Most are familiar Pelotherapy in the form of a facial “mud” mask, but the applications include any form of external poultice. Clay has a long, worldwide history of outstanding, health-promoting effects and has been used extensively by many cultures for thousands of years.  Basically speaking, when activated with moisture, clay has a unique drawing capacity that provides it’s detoxifying benefits. The natural detoxifiers in the Medi-Body Pack are highly negatively charged.  Toxic, synthetic chemicals are positively charged.  When the wetted mixture of the Medi-Body Pack is applied to your skin, an osmotic pulling effect occurs where the positively charged ions of the chemical toxins are attracted to draw them out of the body It is useful to understand a little about the three primary actions or properties of clay.

Properties of Clay

Absorption: The capacity to bring elements inside the molecular structure of the clay and hold onto them. This process is complex to describe, but is due to the single bond between silicon and aluminum. This bond is responsible for the electrical appearance on the internal and external molecular surfaces. The structure of the basic silica tetrahedra creates a negative charge on the external surface. This polarity attracts cations, most of all polarized water molecules through their cationic entity. In addition to water, clay absorbs aliphatic and aromatic molecules, and hydrocarbons. This property explains how clay is used to reduce certain types of swellings or tumors, drain abscesses and cysts, and cleanse in general.

Adsorption: The capacity to attract elements to the outside of the molecular structure of the clay and holds onto them. The process is similar to absorption except that the bond is created on the external surface instead of the interior. This capacity increases the ability of clay to bind larger toxins and micro-organisms.

Ionic Exchange (CEC): The capacity to alter the electrical charge of a contacted surface. Clay is continually interacting with its surrounding environment. It is known that ions exchange from the clay to the environment in a non-predictable, yet measurable way. It is non-predictable because specific environmental variations cannot be fully comprehended and therefore, the specific exchange cannot be predicted. The cationic exchange capacity (CEC) is responsible for the balancing effect of clay and is one of the most unique and beneficial therapeutic factors.

What’s in the Medi Pack Clay?

  • High cell resonance, unheated volcanic clay and unheated kaolin clay, rich in naturally occurring beneficial minerals and rare earths with high detoxification capacity.
  • Shilajit, a natural mineral resin from high mountainous areas of India, rich in key detoxifying organic acids.
  • Peat magma, a carbon matrix humate, rich in humic and fulvic acids, delivering critical nutrients to help the body heal itself.
  • Quantum state, synergistic, non-hybrid botanical agents.
  • All ingredients are free of toxic tag-alongs.


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